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Garsdale Railway Station

Garsdale Railway Station serves the small hamlet of Garsdale Head in Cumbria. Alongside the station is a row of 16 railway cottages build for employees of the Midland Railway in the 1870's.

Garsdale had a turntable with a wall of sleepers around it to prevent the strong winds spinning locomotives, an incident which happened in 1900 (relived in an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine). The station also used to have the highest water troughts in the world!   

The Settle and Carlisle Railway had a branch to Hawes which closed in 1959, Garsdale was, until c1930 named Hawes Junction.  

The southbound platform has a bronze statue of a Border Collie honouring a dog named Ruswarp who was a dog belonging to one of the kep members who helped save the Settle and Carlisle Railway in the 1980s.

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